Latest efforts


  • A charging station for e-cars for visitors has been installed.

  • We have just completed a successful audit regarding the monitoring of energy measures as part of the Energy Policy Agreement at  for the next three years.

  • We installed new odour control systems for the processing of animal by-products.

  • The KPIs and EPIs for every company and benchmarking between the companies were monitored.



Planning permission granted to WESTVLEES to demolish the old Van Peteghem buildings

Ecological footprint

As a food group, we use a great deal of (hot) water, natural gas and electricity. We have signed up to an energy covenant with the government and have committed ourselves to actively saving energy. In doing so, we are making a contribution to keeping our planet greener.

The “Taste & Welfare Guaranteed” quality label also represents concrete action to reduce our ecological footprint and save valuable energy and resources. Over the years, Belgian Pork Group has invested in infrastructure to limit the use of heating, energy and water. For example, quick-closing doors have been installed to prevent warmth escaping. We have also invested in solar panels, cogeneration (combined heat and power), LED saver bulbs and heat recovery.

The label also certifies our efforts to reduce waste. We have switched to recyclable trays and modified atmosphere packaging.

At all our sites across Belgium, we are committed to local resources (e.g. animal feed) and suppliers (e.g. cheese or vegetable producers). Transport between the different sites has been optimised.

In comparison with other types of meat, pork has a relatively low ecological footprint. Furthermore, almost the entire pig can be used, so there is no unnecessary waste.

ecological footprint