Latest efforts

At our site in Westrozebeke we have from september on, an osteopathic physician who will be available every two weeks to help staff members.

He will focus on the joints, muscles, and spine. Treatment aims to positively affect the body's nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

Safety, Welfare, Open culture and positive atmosphere

The “Taste & Welfare Guaranteed” label implies a strict safety programme that protects employees. At all our sites, there are strict rules concerning protective clothing. Our employees receive safety training, and are encouraged to continuously seek ways to improve safety. The employees in each department receive a reward when no accidents occur within a certain number of days. This number is determined for each department. The first milestone is always rewarded with free éclairs from the local bakery. Every milestone is considered a victory for the whole company.


The label also represents the dedication to improving employee welfare. On some sites, the work can be very demanding. The company’s innovative atmosphere, continually allows it to come up with creative solutions to improve the ergonomics. Our employees have the right to long-term employment and a fast and transparent payment system. Thanks to training sessions, language courses, etc., they are given the opportunities to develop personally. We strongly oppose social exploitation abroad. Our employees are our most important ambassadors. We treat everyone with respect, regardless of the department they work in.


We also apply this openness in our communication with farmers. We firmly believe in an open relationship based on trust and mutual respect. The farmers can have their say through cooperatives or producers’ organisations. For us, the farmers are not suppliers but partners in our story. We regularly organise feedback sessions with our partners in order to quickly respond to their input.


To maintain a positive atmosphere, we invest in measures to keep work a pleasant place for everyone. We have an anti-bullying policy and there is a confidential advisor on every site. Our way of working is based on engagement, positivity and openness. This is also reflected in our newsletters, info boards, Facebook groups, anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties and sessions with our CEO.